EQ 300, known by its brand name Boldenone Undecylenate, is a popular anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS) used by bodybuilders and athletes for its muscle-building effects.

Effects of EQ 300

The primary effect of Dragon Pharma EQ 300 is the promotion of quality muscle growth. This means that the gains obtained from using this drug are often lean and well-defined rather than bulky and bloated.

Unlike other AAS, Boldenone Undecylenate has a weaker estrogenic effect, making it less likely to cause water retention and gynecomastia. This also means that the risk of side effects such as acne, high blood pressure, and prostate hypertrophy is much lower compared to other steroids.

In addition to its ability to stimulate muscle growth, EQ 300 also has other positive effects on the body including an increase in appetite, vascularity, strength, and oxygen transport. These benefits make it a popular choice among bodybuilders looking to improve their physical performance.

How to use EQ 300 in cycle?

The duration and dosage of an Boldenone cycle can vary depending on the user’s experience level. Here are some common cycles used by individuals:

For Beginners Users

  • For users who have some experience with AAS, a typical EQ 300 cycle consists of 8 weeks of using 800mg per week, combined with Turinabol at a dose of 40mg per day.

For Experience Users

  • More experienced users may choose to stack Boldenone with other AAS for even greater results. An example cycle could include 600mg of EQ 300 per week, combined with 100mg every other day of Propionat 100 and 40mg per day of Winstrol tabs.

For Advanced Users

  • For those who have been using AAS for a longer period, an advanced cycle may consist of 800mg per week of EQ 300, along with 300-400mg per week of Trenbolone for 8 weeks.

Possible Side Effects

Like any other Androgenic Anabolic Steroids, Dragon Pharma EQ 300 may have some side effects. However, due to its low estrogenic and androgenic activity, the risks are relatively low compared to other steroids. (View Trenbolone Oral)

Some common side effects may include acne, high blood pressure, and prostate hypertrophy. These can be avoided by taking necessary precautions such as getting regular blood tests and following a proper post-cycle therapy (PCT) protocol.

Legit Supplier of EQ 300

If you are in search of a trustworthy source for Boldenone, look at reputable online platforms – BUYDRAGONPHARMA.com. Don’t compromise on quality when it comes to your health and fitness goals.

Choose a reputable and reliable source for your EQ 300 needs. So, always do your research and choose wisely to achieve the best results possible.


It is important to note that Boldenone, like any other AAS, should only be used by adults over the age of 18. It should also be kept out of reach of children at all times. Before starting an EQ 300 cycle, it is essential to consult with a healthcare professional and get necessary blood work done to ensure the body is ready for the use of this drug.


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