Dragon Pharma Testosterone is a powerful anabolic steroid used for developing increased muscle mass, strength, and power. It can also be used by athletes to enhance their performance in sports. Testosterone is the primary male hormone responsible for producing male physical characteristics and characteristics in both men and women.

Testosterone produced naturally by the body is known as endogenous testosterone while testosterone that’s introduced into the body from outside sources like injections, gels, or patches is known as exogenous testosterone. Dragon Pharma Testosterone falls under the category of exogenous testosterone because it’s produced in a lab setting and then provided to users through pharmaceuticals like injections, pills, gels etc.

There are several types of Dragon Pharma Testosterone available on the market today: (1) Testosterone Cypionate; (2) Enantat; (3) Susatnon; and (4) Propionat. Each type of Dragon Pharma Testosterone has different uses depending on what you’re looking to achieve with your cycle or treatment plan:

  • Cypionate – This form of testosterone prepares muscles for growth via increases in protein synthesis which leads to increased size gains quickly during cycles/treatment plans when combined with other steroids/hormones such as Anadrol or Deca Durabolin etcetera).
  • Enantat – Similar to cypionate but works more slowly allowing long-term maintenance within the system even after its use has been stopped thereby allowing those using it to gain mass more gradually over time without having any “crashes” downswings or drops associated with peak levels achieved via short-term treatments such as those associated with fast-acting substances like propionate);
  • Sustanon – A mixture of 4 different esters including decanoates which allows users greater control over how they manage their dosage levels throughout their cycles/treatments compared with singular esters such as enanthates); And finally
  • Propionate – Designed specifically for short term use due an influx of hormones that peaks quickly but dissipates just as rapidly leaving little residue afterwards so this product should be taken no longer than 14 days if goal is not being met at that time frame).

At its core Dragon Pharma Testosterones main purpose remains unchanged regardless of which type(s) you choose however each definitely presents advantages depending on user goals & desired outcome whether bulking up gaining strength improving athletic performance cutting fat etcetera…

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